Dedicated to Animal Lung Health 

Trudell Animal Health believes in helping animals breathe better to live better.

That’s why we are so passionate about creating aerosol drug delivery solutions that help pet parents and trainers reduce the systemic side effects of oral steroids by easily delivering inhaled medications directly to their animals’ airways. 

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We breathe life into products for healthier pets and the well-being of families. 

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Our Passion is Respiratory Health 

Our sole focus is on animals’ lung health. Through working with veterinarians, animal behaviourists, and performing clinical research, we make products that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of animals and their parents. We care that our devices both perform well and are easy to use and well accepted by pets and their parents. 

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Built on a Foundation of Innovation 

Trudell Animal Health is a division of Trudell Medical International, a global leader in designing and manufacturing the highest quality aerosol drug delivery and lung health devices for the management of respiratory conditions in humans. Trudell Medical International developed the first-ever compact chamber for aerosol drug delivery and continues to innovate today. 

Founded in 1922, Trudell Medical International, through its AeroChamber* brand of chambers, Aerobika* OPEP device, and AeroEclipse* breath actuated nebulizers, is a trusted partner in lung health by children, adults, and health care providers around the world. 

Trudell Animal Health builds on this history of innovation and excellence to improve the health outcomes of our animal friends. 

Trudell Medical International

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Made In Canada with Canadian and USA Parts 

AeroKat*, AeroDawg*, AeroHippus* Chambers are designed, developed, and manufactured in Canada with parts sourced from Canada and America.

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