CARIN model

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Trudell Animal Health’s products are developed and validated in partnership with our world-renowned aerosol laboratory. This state-of-the-art facility is run by a team of scientists and researchers committed to improving the understanding of aerosol science associated with inhalation therapy.  

Years of research goes into the development of our devices to help ensure your animal can get the medication to where it's needed - deep in the lungs

particle size

Particle Size

Optimization of aerodynamic particle size for lower airway delivery  

breathing pattern

Real-World Tests

Simulation of real-world breathing patterns of  animals

airflow patterns


Measuring valve efficiency and air flow needs

CARIN mode


Realistic airway testing with the Cat Anatomical Respiratory Inhalation Needs (CARIN) Model

A Leader in the Scientific Community for 20+ Years

For over 20 years, Trudell’s Centre of Aerosol Research Excellence (CARE Lab) has been at the forefront of aerosol drug delivery research. Trudell's CARE Lab has developed many firsts in the industry and helped propel global research forward through work with industry and government organizations on the development of new device standards and enhanced testing methods. 

international standards

International Standards

Participated in the development of international standards such as the ISO aerosol standard and CSA standard for chambers

particle size

New Particle Test Methods

Worked with an international consortium on the development of a new particle size testing methodology for pharmaceutical inhalation products.

low inhalation

Low Inhalation Tests

Worked on the development of a novel device that enables aerosol testing to be completed at the low inhalation flows of a child or small animal.

face model

Realistic Face Modelling

Developed the first face models with realistic surface texture and contours to test facemask fit and aerosol delivery with mask.


Guideline Development

Helped develop better guidelines for regulatory testing through participation in groups such as the European Pharmaceutical Aerosol Group (EPAG) and the US-based Product Quality Research Institute (PQRI)  

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