What Are Trudell Animal Health Chambers?

Our chambers enable your pet to get medication from a metered dose inhaler into their lungs. Just like humans with asthma, pets can now use inhalers, or puffers, to manage respiratory disease at the source, unlike oral pill steroids which go throughout the body. Special rescue inhalers can also be used to open your pets’ airways during an asthma attack.

Our chambers make it easy to use inhalers with your pet.

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Asthma and Bronchitis are chronic conditions that requires a lifetime of management.

Transition to Inhaled Steroids for Better Quality of Life

Reduce Side Effects of Systemic Steroids by Delivering Medication Where it’s Needed... in the Lungs.

Dogs inhaled vs oral

  • Safer for long-term disease control - don't cause the same health and behavioral changes
  • Easier for pet parents to administer
  • 25× lower concentrations of steroid when targeting the airways directly
  • Helps keep pets able and willing to play with their family

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Easy and Well-Accepted

Using the Trudell Animal Health chambers with your pet is surprisingly easy. Simply follow the Condition, Love, Reward approach to get started. Many pet owners have shared that using a chamber can be easier than giving a pill, because they can include bonding moments.

Our chambers even helps you see if your pet is inhaling their medication properly.

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Better Quality of Life


Fewer Side Affects


Easier Than Pilling


Just Like Humans

Our pets provide us with unconditional love and support throughout our lives. Every relationship between a pet parent and their pets should be unique and joyful. So, we believe in keeping that relationship strong. Made in Canada, with Canadian and American parts, Trudell Animal Health aerosol chambers are designed to help your pet breathe and live better. Since 1998, we’ve developed devices to help your pet achieve the best health possible, ensuring that they have happier, more playful lives.

We breathe life into products for healthier pets and the well-being of families.

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We Can Help

We know pet parents want the best for their pets. So do we. Learn more, download resources to help you and more.

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Aerosol Chambers & Masks for use with Metered dose Inhalers.


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